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Choose the Right Internet Connectivity for you

KOVAI FIBERNET is with fiber optic technology, our enterprise Solution team understands the ever-accelerating need for a high-speed reliable internet connection at both big and small organizations with solution platform which is capable of delivering speed up to 1 Gbps. A fast and reliable connection can help an organization achieve fast business growth by boosting employee productivity, increasing customer engagement and optimizing costs by streamlining workflows and business processes with end to end solutions.


Choose the most suitable plan for your Business

You can connect to KOVAI FIBERNET ISP through Fiber with your end connected to ONU & NAS Routers with or without static IP with ultra-fast internet connectivity by taking your business to new heights.

Dedicated SME Broadband for your business
*High Reliability with SLA 99% Network Uptime
*Higher usable Bandwidth.
*24*7 NOC-REAL-TIME Performance Monitoring.

Leased Line (ILL)

Internet Leased Line is premium internet connectivity product which is dedicated by providing symmetrical speed that can connect to KOVAI FIBERNET ISP on fiber leased line with dual route on Ring Architecture. We also provide solutions for load balancing and failover with dual ISP internet for uninterrupted services for Mission critical applications. Internet Leased Line is guaranteed service uptime 99.5% along with static IP address which enables customer to host the servers / content on web. At KOVAI FIBERNET, we help our customers create workplaces that inspire collaboration and productivity. KOVAI FIBERNET infrastructure is designed with L3 – connecting most of the USA exchanges.

HIGHLIGTHS & Benefits of Internet Leased Line:

*Fiber Leased Line with dual route connectivity.
*High-Speed internet connectivity starting from 2Mbps up to 1Gbps.
*Business continuity through committed performance and service uptime.
*Truly Redundant & Managed Connectivity.
*Dedicated symmetric internet connectivity for committed upload/download speed
*High availability of Internet access through network redundancies at various levels.
*24*7 NOC-REAL-TIME Performance Monitoring
*Service Level Agreement (SLA) based service provisioning and delivery.
*Bundled static IP addresses
*We support your business demands of bandwidth up gradation for hours or days.
*Dedicated Account Managed Sales & 24*7 Technical Support Desk
*Improved Productivity Faster & Reliable Internet access helps improves the overall productivity of an organization


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